Marketing for your Pharmacy

Marketing for your pharmacy

pharmacy marketing

When you’re a pharmacy owner, nine times out of ten you don’t have a robust marketing background. However to thrive in the tough pharmacy market you need a strong marketing strategy. You need to be able to connect with your local community and beyond.  A good marketing strategy can help turn your pharmacy into a health destination that will attract customers.
Most pharmacies unfortunately are seen as “the same” to customers.  They are seen as selling the same service; the filling of prescriptions, sale of medicines or stocking similar products.
We know that the statement is a hard pill to swallow. However, unfortunately in the current market a lot of the public don’t see the true value of community pharmacies. A lot of the public’s perception is driven around the notion of price and discount. Unfortunately with big box discounters this will be hard to shake unless pharmacy owners take control. One way to do this is to create a solid marketing plan to help you reach your target customers.
There is a reason why you decided to pursue a career in pharmacy, whether that is the interest in chemistry or wanting to help people, or the money maybe. Unlike you an average person hasn’t spent their time learning the craft of being a pharmacist. That is why it’s up to YOU as a pharmacy owner to market to your public so they understand the value in your services.  Waiting for customers to come to you is no longer good enough. You need to reach out to your community and bring them to you.

At Peak Strategies we believe with marketing you shouldn’t be afraid but excited.

Marketing gives you the opportunity to stand out, showcase your pharmacy and develop a trusting relationship with your existing and future customers. This doesn’t mean changing your pharmacy’s identity but actually embracing it.
This sounds all lovely however we know at this moment you’re thinking where will I find the time to think about marketing? This is where we come in.
Our tagline “taking business to new heights” wasn’t coincidental, that’s what we’re here to do. We can not only assist pharmacy owners with their financial side of the business but also provide marketing services.

Hang on, what do accountants know about marketing?

Not a lot. That is why we have our own marketing division. John our director firmly believes that all businesses need to have a solid marketing machine behind them.  Like us accountants, pharmacists have never been thoroughly taught the skills of marketing. We can all learn the art and science of it all. But we are also firm believers of hiring the talent who know far more about it than what we do.
Peak Strategies have talented marketing professionals available for you to grow your pharmacy. The marketing division at Peak Strategies in turn has the support of the accounting division who has first hand experience into the world of pharmacy. It sounds almost insane having marketing and accounting in the same sentence, but it has proven extremely beneficial for our team.
We understand marketing can be overwhelming, so we want to hold your hand throughout the exciting journey.


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Marketing for your pharmacy

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Marketing for your pharmacy

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Marketing for your pharmacy


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