Bookkeeping Services

After you’ve worked a long day in the shop or office the last thing you want to be doing at night is the bookkeeping.

Your time is valuable and should be spent working on your business doing tasks that can be done by someone else. Outsourcing your bookkeeping to Peak Strategies will free up your time and thinking space for other things.


Not only will you not have to think about bookkeeping but you will be rest assured that it is done correctly. At the end of every month you will receive accountant quality financial reports that tells you your exact financial position. Therefore our monthly reports make monthly, quarterly and end of year reporting far quicker and easier.

Peak Strategies takes on the role of CFO for a number of pharmacy group clients. We are available to work as the CFO, bookkeeper, accountant and adviser all in one. Some of our clients have said they like to outsource to us as they don’t want the hassle and expense of hiring another staff member or even multiple suppliers that need managing and coordinating. Our clients like the peace of mind knowing that Peak Strategies is available to handle the work 365 days a year. There’s no need to worry about who will look after the finances when the CFO is away on sick or annual leave. Peak Strategies is always open, supporting our clients in whatever they require.

Key Benefits

  1. Cloud solutions that enable all users to access live data.
  2. Cloud electronic data storage solutions to avoid mountains of archive boxes and storage hassles whilst ensuring full ATO compliance.
  3. Tailored financial reports to meet your needs.
  4. Paying your suppliers on time.
  5. Fully reconciled financial statements every month.
  6. Assistance with meeting bank reporting covenants.
  7. Comfort in understanding exactly the position your business is in.
  8. Reduce year end accounting compliance costs.