"One of the key factors of a successful business is to be able to proactively improve your business by making sound business decisions based on quality and reliable data. Historic data gives you a snapshot of the past, but to me it’s not so relevant and shouldn’t be relied heavily upon when making business decisions for the business’s future. That’s why I like a more proactive approach in dealing accounts and numbers and I cannot stress enough the importance of having quality data that is accurate and timely. So instead of me “grading” you on your past performance, let’s take the journey together, let me  guide you along the way, and we shall achieve great results!"

Helen is the Financial Systems Manager at Peak Strategies. She has a wealth of experience in bookkeeping, management reporting and accounting systems as well as compliance, taxation planning and strategies and valuations.

The importance of good financial systems should never be underestimated; it has an impact on a whole raft of business issues. Your ability to make good decisions depends on you having good data. When you’re a pharmacist that generally means you enjoy the world of pharmaceuticals and helping people with better health outcomes, leave the numbers to Helen. She is the lady to  help achieve good data for your pharmacy.

Helen loves all things accounting and prides herself on her strong problem solving skills. She has dealt with an array of different clientele and enjoys a fast paced working environment.


Management reporting, financial systems, key performance indicators and benchmarks.


Compliance, taxation planning and strategies, bookkeeping, management report, business advisory, valuations, MYOB, Xero, pharmacy point of sale systems (e.g. Minfos, Fred, Lots etc), Wageloch


  • Helen is our “fruit guru” and we believe she has tried  nearly every fruit on this planet.
  • Helen has a not so secret chocolate draw in her desk.
  • Helen moved to Perth from New Zealand in early 2016 .