As pharmacy specialist Chartered Accountants and bank valuers, we’re exposed to the many facets of the pharmacy industry.

We understand the current trends and issues that an owner may face and can provide a unique perspective as a trusted advisor.

We identified that with our experience we can offer valuable mentoring and consulting to our clients. Our mentoring service is designed to provide guidance on various components of a pharmacy as a business. The beauty of this service is its designed to suit both yourself and your pharmacy's needs. 

Our different mentoring services include: -

  • New owners- what to do when you purchase your first pharmacy

  • 2 + Ownership- how to find the right strategy to run ALL your pharmacies successfully

  • Fresh Perspective Series- is your pharmacy value declining or are you needing some support in growing the business? We offer mentoring to realign your vision for your pharmacy and setting goals for the future.

  • Partnership Guidance- Multiple partners? We can facilitate mentoring for all partners to ensure that your team remains aligned and focused on the business’s future.

  • Junior Partnership Mentoring- A prospective manager at your pharmacy is a potential junior partner for your business? We offer junior partner mentoring to pharmacy managers.

  • Leadership and management mentoring.

  • Future planning for your business- determining a three-year vision for your pharmacy.  

  • KPI and Reporting- mentoring opportunities to improve your pharmacy’s bottom line.

Require a different type of mentoring? We can tailour this service to suit your needs. 


  • Planning for the future of your business.

  • Sounding board for both your team and staff.

  • Accountability to ensure you remained focused.

  • Specialist Chartered Accountants providing relevant and timely advice about your pharmacy’s livelihood and how to improve your bottom line.

  • Defining strategies and goals for your pharmacy. 


Our mentoring division is led by our Director John Thornett. 

The greatest athlete’s in the world have coaches. The greatest musicians and banks have producers and managers. We all need someone we can trust who can push us, and drive us beyond what we think we are capable.