Peak Strategies can take your pharmacy to new heights

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What is business growth strategies? Peak Strategies thrives on this side of the business because it gives us the opportunity to really help business owners. Clients often come to us with a single issue that needs to solved but we end up helping them with a whole range of issues. We love our clients having their business performing at its full potential.

We like to sit down with owners and develop a business strategy and goals. Once we understand, we then work toward these by improving the businesses' systems and operations. We set up processes so the business isn’t so reliant on the owner/s and frees up their time to do more of the things that add to the bottom line and profitability.

At Peak Strategies we make it our business to stay up to date with pharmacy industry changes. With the PBS reform issues, we’ve been able to do the research and help our clients keep up to date.  As a result, they understand the implications that the reforms will have on their pharmacies.

 Furthermore, we understand all the pharmacy ownership and location rules. Therefore if a client needs to know how they apply certain rules to their pharmacy we can tell them. If it’s a new partnership agreement a client needs, Peak Strategies has that covered too.

The pharmacy industry has faced a number of threats from industry changes and strong competition in recent years. It’s been reassuring to clients when Peak Strategies has been able to give them advice and tell them the landscape has significantly changed for all pharmacies not just theirs. Businesses need to know how they are performing in relation to the rest of the industry and our clients appreciate the insight we can provide them.

We ensure small pharmacy groups are established with the right structure from day one. The wrong set-up can cause issues and additional costs in the future.  Setting correct structures that take into account many possible future scenarios is what we pride ourselves on.  However, it’s not just the set-up we concern ourselves with. Pharmacies are often owned for many years so estate planning is important for the peace of mind of clients and their families.


 1. Strategies that give you time to work on the business.

2. A system to ensure your business is less reliant on you.

3. Assistance with moving from single store ownership to multiple.

4. Providing to information on how your pharmacy is performing compare to current market trends.

5. Providing information on how your pharmacy is performing compared to current market trends.