Pharmacies are valuable members of our local communities. In such a competitive marketplace it’s vital that pharmacies have a marketing plan to help communicate this value to customers. It’s important they promote their connection to the community, the services they offer and how they’re helping to improve the community’s health. Marketing is a key component of running a successful pharmacy.

There are other clever ways to promote your pharmacy than just price. Pharmacies provide the community with so much support. They help an elderly couple manage their eight different prescriptions between them. When a young mother is dealing with a teething baby, she visits a pharmacy for help. When the flu season hits, the local pharmacist offers the flu vaccine to keep everyone in the family healthy. The list goes on. A clever marketing plan will help customers understand the importance of your pharmacy within their everyday life. It helps create a relationship with the community.

However, marketing is so much more than printing a flyer or posting on Facebook. It requires a well thought out strategy, focus and creativity. Remember it’s the opportunity to connect with customers on a deeper level. Due to the important role that marketing has within pharmacy, we offer various services to assist. The objective is always to create customer loyalty and build a local identity for the pharmacy.


Our different marketing services include:

• Social Media Workshops: training your team about all things social media and how to set it up and manage for your pharmacy.

• Marketing Plans: developing a clearly articulated marketing plan for your pharmacy, incorporating your goals and vision for the future of your pharmacy.

• Community Engagement: advice and planning on how to create a local identity and to improve the connection between the community and your pharmacy.

• Content Creation: working together to create future content for all your marketing platforms to help grab your customer’s attention.

• Outsource: outsource your marketing to us. We can do all your marketing or just one component including social media, email direct marketing, blogging, website design.