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Welcome to the sPEAKing Pharmacy Podcast, hosted by our Director John Thornett.

This podcast is dedicated to helping pharmacists evolve into owners.

Transitioning from a pharmacist to a pharmacy owner can be a quite timely and overwhelming experience. Our aim is to provide pharmacists with some guidance for this exciting process. John will provide insights from his own experience dealing with pharmacies for over twenty years as well as interviews with other industry professionals who will also share their perspective.

The podcast will be released fortnightly and is a great resource to utilise alongside our Peak Strategies Blog.

Episode One:

You’re a pharmacist and have been working for a few years in a pharmacy, most likely with the title of Manager. Now finally you’ve been given the opportunity to buy a partnership interest in the pharmacy you work at. So, you’ve got many emotions bubbling throughout your head and you’re not quite sure what to do.

Firstly, take a big deep breath and listen to this podcast……….

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Episode Two:

This week we have a guest host Tom Meagher from Balfour Meagher Legal & Business Advisors.

Tom has over 25 years’ legal and business experience with a vast knowledge of pharmacy. John and Tom sit down to discuss the sales process for a pharmacy and what first time buyers should consider before signing on the dotted line.

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Episode Three:


This week we have guest host Jeremy Watkins from The Barefoot Leader

Jeremy is a leadership and performance expert who works with senior leaders and business owners to help develop new insights to increase their influence and maximise their impacts as leaders. 

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Episode Four:

Part Two 

This week is second part of our conversation with Jeremy Watkins from the Barefoot Leader. 

Jeremy and John discuss the importance of having the right team within your pharmacy and how to ensure that they understand your vision for your business. 

This episode was produced by Sarah Rendell, with free royalty music from Kevin MacLeod.

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