One simple principle that is the key to motivating your staff (And improving your customer service at the same time)

Do customers in your pharmacy have this experience?

I walked into a pharmacy looking for a specific product and I approached the counter.

The Pharmacist and a staff member were standing at the counter discussing a document. They didn’t even look up.

I stood at the counter and waited. Then I wandered around the shop before returning to the counter and waited some more. Ignored, I left the store.

Just down the road there is another pharmacy. I walked in and saw that both the Pharmacist and the assistant were busy but they both looked up and acknowledged me with a smile. The assistant indicated that she would be with me in a minute.

What store would you go back to?

Staff recognition - a critical part of the solution

pharmacy serving customer -Peak-Strategies

pharmacy serving customer -Peak-Strategies

It isn’t hard because most employees do not go to work looking to screw up.

Most employees want to feel good about themselves and the work they do.

Your staff are critical to many aspects of your business and looking after the customer is probably the most important job they have.

Recognising your staff is the clear and undeniable principle that will motivate your staff.

Bob Nelson, Ph.D. explains

The vast majority of today’s workers report they are overworked and under-appreciated. This is partly because many retailers are not sure what they should be doing to create an environment where employees feel they’re appreciated and recognised. Here’s what you need to know about employee recognition and its impact on employee motivation and performance. - See more at:

Recognition works

The most validated principle of employee management (and we’re talking about thousands of studies here) is a simple notion that “you get what you reward.” If you systematically provide positive consequences to your employees for desired behaviours and results, you will get more of those behaviours and results. It’s that simple. - See more at:

Staff recognition has immediate positive impact

Studies prove that employee recognition also has an immediate positive impact on stress, employee morale, job satisfaction and increased performance. That translates into more sales and better customer service. - Reference:

If your staff are motivated and happy then your customer service will look after itself.

Richard Branson’s philosophy.

If you look after your staff, they'll look after your customers. It's that simple.Richard Branson.

Staff recognition works because every one wins

If you appreciate and recognise your staff, then they will appreciate and recognise your customers making them feel valued too. You win, your staff win and the customers wins!

How hard is it to smile and acknowledge a customer with a nod and a smile?

Men and women want to do a good job, a creative job, and if they are provided the proper environment, they will do so. B Hewlett, Co-founder, Hewlett-Packard

This 12-minute video by Bob Nelson Ph.D. talks about how to light a fire within your employees by asking a few questions to find out what’s important to your people?