Pharmacy Owners | Lead by example

I have been having some really interesting experiences lately.

We have recently been going through a period of being quite busy and I have been mentally tested on quite a few occasions. My mentor called me at a time when I had a lot going on. He wanted to meet up with me again. Now I was in a frame of mind of “I have enough challenges going on at the moment, that last thing I need was him challenging my thought processes once again.  I don’t have time for you….humph….grumble grumble…..complain”. But we did have a coffee and a good chat which I am glad I spared that time.

In business we are often caught with difficult times.

There are times in which we are really busy or being challenged on multiple fronts. Sometimes we are faced with problem after problem and bad news upon bad news. None of us are immune from that, but have you observed how different people react to it?

I have had the pleasure of being around some really wonderful people lately. It has reminded me of a saying I learnt a long time ago, choose your attitude.

Experience number 1

I was talking to Helen one day last week. She was speaking about pressure and how pressure makes us better people. What ever situation you are facing those times don’t necessarily last forever. We also become better people through the experiences we encounter. So approach every challenge and new experience with a smile on your face.

Experience number 2

I often admire clients of mine. One particular client is always happy and positive regardless of what pressure he is under or any problems he is facing. It is a quality I admire a lot in him. He is another reminder of the right way to approach situations and the mental framework we should inspire to.

Experience number 3

I was talking to a successful pharmacy owner this week and I often observe him happy and bubbly when he is on the phone. He often speaks extensively about culture and how the culture of any organisation is vitally important. You can feel that notion of culture when you step into his pharmacy, you feel it straight away.

Experience number 4

This is the meeting I didn’t want with my mentor. He is my mentor as he is very good a re framing my thoughts. He often annoys me a lot too but that is a good thing. Anyway, we are all faced with challenges in life. We get very busy, have problems to deal with, make mistakes, health issues occur and also family issues etc. But what I have learnt through all of this is we get to choose how we respond to these situations. My mentor reminds me that only we can choose our attitudes.

Not only does our attitude affect us as individuals but also the attitude we chose to engage ourselves with has a big influence on those around us. If we complain, then we accept it is then okay for other people to complain. If we are negative and angry then we need to accept it is okay for other people to be negative and angry.

To be a good leader, you must lead by example.

In the pharmacy industry recently there has been a lot of negativity. As a pharmacy owner you’re often faced with doom and gloom in regard to the future of pharmacy. It might sometimes feel easier to wave the white flag and surrender to the negativity. However to be a good leader you need to lift people up when they’re down and see the opportunity in any situation.

So be the person you want your team to become. The person that embraces what is thrown their way and challenges the norm. That will determine the culture of the business you are leading, that is what the customers will experience. Choose your attitude and the culture of the business you are leading. Choose to lead by example and you will notice small changes happening around you.

One of my passions is sitting with my clients and working on goals to improve their business. This can directly relate to the current culture and attitude of their pharmacy. I encourage anyone who feels they need some guidance to pick up the phone to arrange a cuppa with me.

You never know what experience will come out of it?