There is no growth in staying still.


This is our last blog of the year.

I really hope you have enjoyed reading them and maybe there are little snippets of content that you have taken away to help make your journey a bit better. It has been a great deal of fun writing these blogs.

Maybe there has been a little nugget of info that has helped you, there has been something that has guided you towards your own goals or there has been something that has taught you about the world of pharmacy business you didn’t know. Perhaps its nothing more than you enjoy reading them. Whatever it is, if I have made your day better, then we are happy.

Well what a year it has been at Peak. I must say I really do love what I do. I love the Peak family, I love our clients and I love the pharmacy community.

What has 2018 been like for us? Well here is a snippet.

I never thought we would be doing a podcast but we did. Did I think we would be doing videos that would be viewed all over Australia? No. Did I think people from all over Australia would be reading my blogs? No. One thing I really love about the Peak family, is we really support each other when we take on a challenge and give something a go, despite the fears and anxieties we have. We give things a good crack, we try, and if we don’t succeed we try again and get better.

However, the Peak family needs a better immune system. Can we get through a month without someone being crook? Anyone know where I can get replacement immune system? Ours is faulty. Far too many funerals this year as well. It has been quite extraordinary. Far too many close to home with too many tears. We lost a lot of wonderful people this year.

There has been many challenges but we faced them and did the best we could. We won some and we lost some. We took on the challenges that we were presented with and together we supported ourselves to do the best we could. We failed, and we succeeded. But overall, we learned, and we are always better for the experience. We ate some great food. Many things we have never had before, cuisines from all over the world, we ate some great stuff. A durian experience is still nothing to be compared to. We hung from trees, challenged our fear of heights, tackled some obstacles with even bigger challenges to come next year.

So, some big thankyou’s must go out to our team.

Vic, you are a key factor in our success. You are a wonderful person and I am so grateful our paths have crossed. You put a smile on everyone’s face. Helen you are a master of what you do. You make us laugh, you never get flustered, and are always smiling. You have been a key factor in our growth and success.  Sarah, the ‘master of marketing’. Wow what a difference you have made. Ever so grateful you became part of the Peak family and getting our message out to pharmacy land. You challenge me, support me and I am a better person because of you. Patty and Marcus, our two young accountants. Starting from zero and well on your way to becoming exceptional professionals. Your contributions have been enormous and both of you should be proud of yourselves. Thank you. To everyone at The Pharmacy Guild of WA, including Andria, Anthony (x2), Andrew, Matt, Nada, Anna and the branch committee. Thank you for supporting the Future Pharmacy Program, helping the pharmacy owners of WA and community pharmacy. Pharmacy land would be a very different place if it wasn’t for the amazing work you all do.  

And my wonderful clients. Such beautiful people who I am go grateful to be able to work with. You are all exceptional business owners.

Lastly to my Queen, my Prince and my Princess. The most wonderful people on this earth. There was a lot of tears and heartache this year. But I am immensely proud of you all. We achieved some wonderful things this year. My support, my foundations, my peace and harmony, my world.

So, by the time you all read this we will be in Rottnest relaxing and eating some magnificent food. It is time we had a break and rested up. From my family, and from the Peak family, we wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and happy, healthy and successful New Year.

I will leave you all with this. Find your mountain that you want to climb, find your path and head off on your journey. Once you reach the top of your mountain you will find a thousand other mountains and paths you want to go down. The greatest growth and happiness is the journey we take. There is no growth in staying still. Keep trying, give things a go, fail and fail again, but never stop trying. Find a goal that excites you but scares you at the same time. But above all, be nice to yourself and to other people. Everyone has their demons so let us do the best we can to help the world.

See you all next year!