So you have a social media account for your pharmacy, but you have no idea what to post?


As a pharmacy owner, you’re constantly looking for ways to get your pharmacy’s brand on the radar of potential customers. One strategy is to use social media. So you signed up to some platforms, however, you have no idea what to post! Never fear, this blog today will share some content ideas that can be used for both Instagram and Facebook.

1.       Video

Video is a great tool to showcase your pharmacy’s personality in real-time and very cost effective. All you need is a smart phone and the confidence to jump in front of a camera! Videos can be used in many ways from sharing updates about what’s happening at the pharmacy or creating educational videos about certain health issues.

Keep in mind that videos don’t have to be polished, social media is all about creating relationships and engaging with customers. People will not look for the shiniest video to watch but something that appeals to them and meet their needs.

2.       Health Facts

As a pharmacy both yourself and your team would have a wealth of information on various health related topics. From medicine management through to wound care. So, why not share this online through social media posts? This strategy is using education to engage with customers.

Brainstorm with your team relevant health issues that you could discuss in a brief post on social media. Remember to keep the information simple and easy to understand. From there look for visuals to compliment the text and ta da, you have some posts ready!

Lastly, remember that ultimately you want someone to read your post and then want to find out more. So, ensure every health update you include a CTA (call to action) to encourage them to visit the pharmacy.

3.       Staff Profiles

The most valuable asset of your pharmacy is the people working in it. They are who represent your pharmacy and the ones who foster relationships with customers. So, why not showcase them on your social media?

Some post ideas in relation to your staff can include sharing a profile about a different staff member each week, staff product picks or get them to curate their own personalised post. Staff profiles tie in well with social media as it demonstrates a sense of community.

4.       Community

As a pharmacy you play a role in supporting the local community. You assist first-time mums with baby health questions, provide vaccines to prevent nasty flu outbreaks and you fill prescriptions to local members. That’s why its obvious that a sense of community should not only be showcased on your social media but be a core component of your marketing plan.

In relation to social media posts, there is so much community-based content you could create. This can include photos of iconic local spots, where the best coffee is in your suburb or supporting local sporting clubs. The purpose of these posts is to support other community members and demonstrate your relationship within your local area.

5.       Key Events

There are key dates to celebrate many cool and exciting things every month. For example, this week is currently heart week with the Heart Foundation. Furthermore, in the month of May there is a cool initiative called Mindful in May which promote meditation. Not to mention our milestone dates such as Christmas, Easter and New Year’s.

Look at events that are coming up for the year and schedule posts accordingly. One important thing to remember is ensure that these dates are celebrating or discussing topics that your pharmacy value and support. Any piece of content that you post on social media must tie in with your pharmacy’s message and vision.

There are also many days that can be quite playful, and light hearted which you post about. Things like “May the 4th be with you” can be a creative way of engaging with your customers on your social media. Posts do not always have to be heavy with educational content, they can also be light hearted, and they are very easy to connect with.

Social media is a human space for people to connect.

Hopefully the above has provided you with some interesting content ideas for your social media posts. Social media is innately emotional and a human space, it promotes the sense of community. As a business you must use this to your advantage. We have some seen some pharmacy’s social media as all me, me, me. They want to make it only about themselves and post only products or sales. Don’t steal your audience’s attention, instead earn it. Share content they can relate to and connect with. All your posts should be curated with the thought of the customer behind it.

Before you post on social media ask yourself:

  • How does this post help or provide value to my customers?

  • Will this help me build a relationship with my customers?

Shifting your perspective of connection rather than simply selling will do wonders for your social media plan. You will build strong brand awareness and hopefully drive new customers to your pharmacy.