Why should you create your perfect pharmacy?

Have you ever stopped to consider if anything was possible, what your perfect pharmacy would look like?

Now we all know there is no such thing as a perfect pharmacy. Every business has its strengths and weaknesses both good points and bad points. But have you ever dreamt of what your business could become if you really pushed it and pushed yourself? Have you ever been bold enough to dream of what is possible, and taken on a goal that scares you?

If I look at the vast numbers of pharmacies we get exposed to, the one common factor nearly all struggling pharmacies have is the owner keeps doing the same things year after year. They do this with no goals, no visions, despite falling customer numbers, falling script numbers and falling earnings. Furthermore, they lack clarity and lack direction.

One of the most vital steps you can take to give your pharmacy the greatest chance of success is being able to clearly visualise where your pharmacy will be in 3 years’ time. Also by having a structured, step by step plan to get there and your whole team aligned to that vision.

I have seen first-hand the difference it makes in a business having a vision compared to one that doesn’t. Those that don’t tend to flounder along with no great purpose. The team seem to lack direction and do things without knowing why or for what purpose. These businesses don’t seem to achieve the levels of success that the others do.  The other interesting aspects to this is as you all know, probably too well, is business is tough. Furthermore its hard work. It tests every ounce of mental and physical strength you have. When things do get tough, those business owners who lack purpose find the tough times a lot harder than those who have a purpose.

In my own business, I have a very clear picture of what my perfect accounting business is, and I have it mapped out as to how I will go about achieving it. Is it perfect? No. Does it have flaws? Yes. In my own experience, I started off with no real clear picture of what I wanted, struggled through many years of not achieving a great deal and especially lacked a lot of self-confidence.

My turn around point happened when we spent two whole days creating my own 3-year plan.

I have found having a strong clear vision helps keep me emotionally connected to the business, keeps my team aligned to that same vision, helps ensure decisions are aligned to that vision, and helps to know what to opportunities to take on and what to pass by.

So, having gone through this experience myself and seen the impact it has made on my business and myself both personally and professionally, I want to take pharmacy owners through the same experience. Why? I want to see community pharmacy succeed, I want to see these family businesses thrive, I want to see them compete with the big boys, I want to see your pharmacies take a greater role in improving the health of your communities. I don’t want to see community pharmacy be taken over by the big corporate.

Therefore, this year I will be doing several workshops titled, The Perfect Pharmacy. The goal is to help community pharmacy owners to define what their perfect pharmacy is and put together a step by step plan to try to achieve it.

Why should you attend “The Perfect Pharmacy”?

  • Get firm clarity and direction for your pharmacy
  • Realign yourself with why you are in business.
  • Rediscovering your purpose.
  • Get the whole team aligned to your vision.
  • Refocus your efforts on the key aspects of your business that really matter.
  • Get a clear step by step plan to build the successful pharmacy business.

If you feel your pharmacy is falling behind and you are not sure what to do, then make sure you book you ticket and learn how you can create the perfect pharmacy for you.

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