How to future proof your pharmacy business

Thinking Forward 3 Years

In last week's blog, I mentioned thinking forward 3 years and the importance of having a well defined vision for your pharmacy. One of the most fundamental skills any business owner should have is a clear insight into what stage their business is at.  Knowing clearly what you want to evolve into and the path you need to take.

It is very easy to brush this off and not consider it important enough.

The decision is ultimately yours. But this decision could mean the difference between taking a path towards erosion or a path towards constant growth and evolution. To help with pharmacy business owners reading this I have shared a white paper. Written by a good friend of mine Jeremy Watkins (who featured in our last video) titled Developing 2020 Vision-Future Proof Your Pharmacy Business. It is a good read with many good points owners should be embracing now.

Give me a call, let us share a cuppa and tell me what your vision is for three years time. Haven’t gone through the process of establishing this? then even more reason we need to catch up.

Download the Developing 2020 Vision- Future Proof  Your Pharmacy Business (White Paper 2)