I wish I knew then what I know now…….does this statement sounds familiar? I know I have thought this quite a few times; recently it was about the topic of purpose. One of the biggest drivers on how I run Peak Strategies comes from having a clear purpose. The purpose comes from the answer to the question of “Why are you doing this?” Many of us start a business with set goals in mind, I certainly did. However, those goals sometimes change as you go through the motions. One of the many mistakes I made is that I didn’t truly understand the importance of having a strong purpose. I mean a REAL purpose; making money is not a true purpose.

Sometimes we go through life on autopilot but after a while we feel directionless. We lack motivation and feel like we aren’t getting anywhere. Aiming at nothing and hitting it with surprising accuracy. This however, mentally starts to impact. I am sure you can relate to the feeling of facing new challenges every day. We feel frustrated, we get annoyed, and then anxiety and stress builds up. Now if we are not careful, it can really take its toll.

I believe the biggest strides we can take in business is defining a purpose and what I mean is a deep meaningful purpose. When this happens the reason and “why” becomes clearer. Decisions become easier by having a set framework on how to approach issues. We become more motivated. We become such better leaders and as lead our team towards a defined goal. We are more aware of opportunities, and most importantly know what opportunities to embrace and which ones to reject.

I wonder in the world of pharmacy land, how many owners have a truly defined purpose? I know of a few, and the benefits are clear. I believe this theory appears to be lost, it seems to be missing amongst most. They don’t necessarily have their own defined purpose, they are living for someone else’s for example; the brands purpose. I think that can create some personal conflict between the lack of personal drive, motivation, individual fulfilment and the needs of the brand.

I think with the right mentors, pharmacy owners should be spending time determining their own purpose for their business. You can then start working on transforming the business into fulfilling that purpose. As a business owner you need to set your own agenda. You need to have you own motivations, your own purpose and your vision. Only then will your path become clear.

Spend some time with us at Peak Strategies to determine your own purpose.

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