Why are we called Peak Strategies?

Many years ago when I was starting Peak Strategies, I undertook a process that many other new business owners take when setting up a business, deciding on a name. Typical to my nature, I didn’t want the traditional accountant title of “John Thornett & Associates”. I wanted something that had meaning to me and what I wanted to achieve. At about the same time I had taken my family down to the Stirling Ranges. We have been there several times and it has to be my favourite place ever. It is stunningly beautiful, vast, unique, rugged, and full of wonder. Did you know the Stirling Ranges has more species of wildflowers than the entire British Isles? Incredible isn’t it? It’s a place where I feel at peace. As a family we have climbed Bluff Knoll several times and many of the other peaks (Hint…..).

I recall the feelings I had when I was about to commence the climb. The excitement of what was about to take place, what the view would be like at the top, would it be difficult, how would the family cope, had I packed enough water and food, was the first aid kit ready. Many thoughts filled my head.

Now as we climbed, I distinctly remembered the wonder at every turn we took. There was always a new view of the surrounding country side, a different plant or flower I hadn’t seen before. Tree’s and plants of all shapes and sizes…….and bugs, oh so many bugs. Some parts were quite easy, some parts were unrelenting, some were difficult, some parts the kids were a little scared of, some I had to help out the kids get over certain parts. Every now and then we would stop, take a breath, have a drink and take in the wonder of what was around us. The spectacular views, some stunningly beautiful flowers, and tiny delicate plants you wonder how the hell they survive out here.

After a while we would get to the top and admire the wonderful views in front of us. Then I would look out and see another peak, and straight away my thoughts would turn to……“wow I wonder what it is like over there, lets go climb that one tomorrow” (Another hint…).

At around the same time there was a quote that I came across that struck me.

Andy Rooney — 'Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you're climbing it.' (Last hint…..)


And there lies the foundations for Peak Strategies. Whilst it is important to set goals and challenge yourself, it is the journey you will enjoy and grow the most. As soon as we get to the top of one peak, there will be another that we will want to climb. It is the journey we are constantly on.

I felt this business should all be about helping business owners enjoy their own journeys to the top of their peaks. Getting them to stop every now and then and admire what they have achieved. Ensure they have packed first aid kit, just in case. Ensuring they have enough food and water. Helping them overcome the difficult parts. Growing and getting stronger as you climb, then finding another Peak to conquer.

Yes we will stumble occasionally, kick a rock, maybe a branch will scratch us. But the journey itself is full of wonders, of things that you would never expect, things that will amaze you, times that will be bloody hard, times that will challenge you. But once you have climbed that first peak, it is then you realise what you are capable of. You get to see more clearly where you have come from and how much you have grown. And you will get to see what other peaks are around you that you want to climb next.

So let us take your business to new heights, we can reach new peaks together. We want to go on this journey with you! Contact us today on 9315 3117 to discuss all of your accounting needs.

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