What makes a good Pharmacy Owner?

What makes a good Pharmacy Owner?

In my business life I talk to many business owners, from all walks of life with all sorts of different pharmacy operations. I was reflecting the other day on what characteristics there are in successful owners and businesses.

Now for those of you who are longer term pharmacy owners with partners will know there are good pharmacists who make bad business owners. The pharmacists who own pharmacy businesses and who probably shouldn’t. Yet there are also pharmacists who are born for it and excel in being in an ownership role.

It is important to note here there are really good pharmacies that will be successful solely because of the location. They are not successful due to the skill of the owner. There are owners who are successful just out of shear luck or due to the efforts of others. Yet there are owners who are successful, not due to location or luck. They are successful because their business out performs all others around them largely due to the actions and decisions of the owner.

So what makes a good pharmacy owner? It is not how technically proficient you are, it is not how intelligent you are (though it does help).

They have a particular mind set.

They seek out opportunities that are aligned with their goals and actively go out to grasp those opportunities. Now in my experience there are those who given an opportunity will only see the positives. There are those who only see the negatives. There are those who see both. It is really interesting to hear the different view points different owners have on the one topic.

Recently I have been talking to a few people about professional services and what they are doing about it. I’ve encountered such wide ranging views on the one topic. There are those who are doing nothing as they do cannot see the opportunities, those who only see problems and don’t do anything as a result. Then there are those who actively go out and implement these services and push it as hard as they can.

The successful owners go out and take action. They try and are not afraid to fail, to persist until they get it right and open their minds to the opportunities that are around them. They love learning and are never arrogant to think they know it all. Because they are true leaders, they inspire people around them, and their teams excel as a result. The key being giving things a go, take action, learn, adapt and change.

Now I don’t want you to think that some owners are successful because they have a particular personality trait. It is not like that at all. We can all be successful business owners, if we learn to have courage, be brave, take on something despite of the fears and doubts that plague the voices in all our heads. We are all scared at times in business. There are plenty of times where an opportunity is sitting there waiting for us. It just needs us to push beyond our own fears, build up courage and give things a go.

Like a good friend of mine once said……Success is not perfection. Just try, give it a go and learn along the way.

So take a look at where you are now. What kind of business owner and leader are you? Do you hold back because you are too afraid, or doubt that you can do it? The key to your success as a business owner is entirely up to you, no one else. If you want to be successful than just keep trying different things, give them a go and never stop trying.

Pharmacy Owner

Pharmacy Owner

And a funny thing happens when you do this. You give something a go, work through your fears and achieve something. Whilst that something may be small you have made a significant step, because a change happens straight away. You realise that you can do things, you can try and take on something and be successful at it. The next challenge you set yourself then become bigger and slightly more audacious. And you achieve that too. You keep on this path and you will be surprised at the things you can do in such small periods of times.

Do not think you can’t do it because you can. There is a simple difference between a business that is successful and one that is not. The owner is a true leader and gives things a go. They try and push themselves out of their comfort zones in order to grow.

Have the courage readers? Do not listen to that voice of doubt that plagues our minds.

Need help? Give me a call, let’s have a cuppa and let me help you through this process.