Why does your pharmacy exist?


There is a reason why you decided to become a pharmacy owner. You had goals, dreams and aspirations. Amid running a business day to day it is often easy to forget about why you started. However, to run a profitable pharmacy you must understand why it exists and how you’re going to leverage that into success.

Your business purpose is what shapes your marketing strategy. Why? Because marketing is all about promoting your pharmacy and connecting with your target audience. If your pharmacy’s purpose doesn’t align with your marketing, then you’re not connecting authentically with customers.

So, today we are going to ask some questions that will help you define exactly what your pharmacy’s purpose is and how that translates into your marketing strategy.

What is your pharmacy’s purpose?

Of course, this is the first question we will ask you to consider. Before you answer too quickly REMEMBER your purpose is not to make money, that is a mission but not your purpose. The purpose of your pharmacy is the why. For example, Nike’s mission is to sell shoes and sporting apparel. Their purpose however is to inspire and provide innovation to every athlete. See the what and the why are two different things.

So, as a pharmacy you help, sell and prescribe customers with pharmaceuticals. And your why is_____________________ Fill in the blank, that’s up to you to decide.

Your purpose must inspire and encourage both you, your team and customers. It needs to be clearly defined and communicated throughout all your marketing. It could be community driven, something that aligns with your customer base such as the health destination for our local community. Alternatively, it could be health specific for example to help Diabetics live a healthy lifestyle. 

Whatever it is- it needs to be something you identify with and are happy to promote. It will become your pharmacy’s persona, message and philosophy. That is why as an owner you must be emotionally invested in your why.

Some ways to clarify your purpose:

  • Why did you buy this pharmacy?

  • What were you hoping to accomplish?

  • What are your pharmacy’s values?

  • How do those values impact the way you lead your team?

Once you have answered those questions you should be able to determine your purpose.

How to implement your purpose into all your marketing

Marketing is simplified once you have established your purpose, why? Because you have inadvertently defined your strategy.

For example, scripts sales haven’t improved in the last two years. Therefore, you need to create another income generating function for your pharmacy. So, you research various professional services you could potentially introduce to customers. This process will be a lot easier because the introduced service will align with your purpose. If your purpose is to assist your local community, you would look at services that would add value to your customers. A service will not work in your pharmacy if it doesn’t support or relate to your purpose.

So, when considering any marketing for your pharmacy you will always have your purpose kept in mind. It will provide clarity in the direction to take your marketing. Below is a breakdown of various marketing strategies and how to relate them with your purpose.  

  • Communication Channels: What channels help you achieve your purpose? There is no point using Instagram because everyone else is using it. You would use Instagram if it aligns with your pharmacy’s business goals and helps you reach your target audience. If your target audience is millennial and female, then Instagram is a great option to market your pharmacy. However, if your audience is over 55 then Facebook is a better option.  

  • Services: Like channels your services are designed to suit your marketing strategy. Choose and select services that assist your customers and help your pharmacy achieves its purpose If you’re wanting to become the health destination for the local community, ensure you have an array of services to effectively position your pharmacy.

  • Networking: utilise networking to help you reach your goals. For example, if your aim is to assist mothers with all newborns, then reach out with mother groups (or start your own). Create networking opportunities that helps your pharmacy grow.

  • Other strategies: events, promotions and competitions will be designed around your goals and values. The fun thing about marketing is you get to be creative! Do not be afraid to think outside the square. We are one of the few accounting firms who write weekly blog posts. However, it aligns with our purpose which is to help pharmacies reach new heights in their business. We tailored our blog to suit our target audience and educate pharmacies about accounting and marketing.

This blog is a reminder to ensure you truly embrace your pharmacy’s purpose and have defined strategies in place. Remember a vision is directional, so without clever planning and measurement your goals will not be met. Your purpose is your pharmacy’s livelihood so make it a part of your day to day.

Remember, if you need help with your marketing we are always here to assist. We have packages ranging from brain storming and strategy sessions through to outsourcing social media. At Peak Strategies we want your pharmacy to reach new heights and marketing is an important element for growth.

Written by Client Communications Manager Sarah Rendell