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Pharmacy Marketing Tip # 1

This is the 17th blog we’ve sent to our mailing list. We’ve had really positive feedback, some hiccups but overall it’s been exciting for Peak Strategies.

When I started working with John at the beginning of the year, I did have some reservations. Let’s be frank; I didn’t think John as an Accountant would embrace all of the marketing strategies that I have grown to love. I wasn’t sure whether he would want to be completely raw with his clients. John is amazing at what he does, his client base reflects that. Marketing however, is a completely different ball game. It involves taking some risks and being creative. Some of the time you have to step out of your comfort zone and put yourself out there. It can be scary especially for an Accountant.

A pleasant surprise….

However when it came to John, I am happy to announce that I was 100% wrong.  I have proof; at the end of this blog post there is a video link. We have written some well received content so I thought it would be great to get John in front of the camera. This for John was one of those scary marketing tasks.  However he stepped up to the plate and filmed a video for pharmacy owners. He has been willing and open to anything I throw at him, even when he’s petrified.

John decided to hire someone for marketing because he wants to communicate on a larger scale to pharmacists. If you’ve had the privilege of a face to face meeting with John you would know his passion for the industry. He loves working with pharmacy owners in improving their business. Therefore I have one job and that is to help John educate the pharmacy industry.

I have spent many hours looking into pharmacies and their marketing. I get so excited when I see owners jump in front of the camera, post a blog post or film a live video on Facebook. Some owners are doing what John is doing and putting themselves out there.

So why am I telling you all this?

It’s ok to step outside the square. I suggest you start considering a plan of attack for your own marketing. (If you’re part of a franchise group talk to them about any marketing policies first). There will be some strategies that don’t work, times where you will feel completely uncomfortable and times where you get noticed by the right people. One of you customers might come in and ask a question about one of your product blasts from your Instagram. You might create a partnership with the local physiotherapists from engaging with their social media. A blog post you wrote might change a struggling mother’s life with settling tactics for her newborn baby.

Marketing isn’t supposed to intimidate you but help broadcast your message. Furthermore it doesn’t have to break the budget either, there are plenty of cost effective tools available.

So if you haven’t already taken the giant leap I say go for it, I love marketing and I am sure you can too. If you’re stuck for ideas you can always contact us, we are great sounding boards (talking shop is one of my favourite pastimes).

Now what you have been all been waiting for, John’s video debut.

He was such a champion throughout this whole process. It was just me and John with a camera and tripod. You might hear a phone ring in the video or see some editing cuts. However the purpose of the video isn’t for you to view a HD video master piece but to educate you on a subject. John chats about the question of why and provokes thought about the notion of “why” for your pharmacy. It is a follow up from our previous blog, Why?

Enjoy! Maybe one day I will be watching one of your videos.

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